how to WordPress install Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Trying to figure out how to WordPress install? Today you will find out!

A professional web developer has written a simple step-by-step WordPress install guide who has created hundreds of WordPress websites and helped thousands of others create their own WordPress websites. Best WordPress free Theme

I will install WordPress in 2 steps

1. Buy Domain and Hosting and all Setup
2.Wordpress Install and all setup

What is a domain name? Just Read this Blogs

How To Buy Domain and Hosting

In order to buy a domain and hosting, first, you have to come to and then you have to search by typing the domain name of your choice. I have searched by typing the name of my website to show you. If someone buys the domain name you are looking for, then you have to write something else or take .net .tech .xyz, etc. Other Thai you have to search for another domain name.

WordPress install
how to WordPress install

My domain is gone, so I’m looking at the .net domain. Once you have your domain name, click the Add to Cart button. After clicking, your domain card has been added

wordpress install

Then we have to go to the home page again, then click on the hosting text here, the text will come shared hosting then go there and select the hosting panel of your choice.

wordpress install

I have selected the second panel to show you which is very popular.

wordpress install

Then we have to click on the Get Started button. Then we have to click add to cart then it will take you to another page

You have to pay a few dollars every year for domain and hosting. If you want, it will automatically take the dollar and deduct it from your cart. It’s up to you to decide

Then you need to click on Confirm Order

After confirming the order, a payment page will appear in front of you through which you have to pay the payment information. If you want, you can pay with MasterCard and Visa Card, and PayPal.

After completing the payment information you need to click on the Continue button. Best WordPress free Theme

You need to login with your name and your username and password and mail

After everything is complete, our first step is over

WordPress Install and all setup

In order to install WordPress, we have to enter/give our domain in front like then the login page will come then we have to login through username then we will see an enter face.

Then go to the search box and type softacular app installer

Click softaculous app installer then it will come up in this interface

You enter your site name and your website description and you enter your WordPress login username and password then give the admin Gmail. Then scroll down

Then enter your Gmail again Then click WordPress Install

This will be seen after the WordPress installation is complete

Best WordPress free Theme
Best WordPress free Theme

To install WordPress you need to login to WordPress using/wp-admin using the domain. Log in with the username and password you provided when installing WordPress

Best WordPress free Theme
Best WordPress free Theme

This interface will show when the login is finished

Best WordPress free Theme
Best WordPress free Theme

I will suggest you 3 domain and hosting companies. Those are very popular domain and hosting companies. They provide the whole world domain and hosting




+NOT:-Let me help you understand the WordPress installation in a very nice way. You can contact me if you have any misunderstanding

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