Apple introduces AirPods Max Review 2023

AirPods Max Review 2020

all right what’s up Imran here so we got a little surprise little quiet but not so quiet addition to apple’s holiday season stuff a little one more.

the thing on top of there one more thing so they’ve added to their

headphone lineup and there’s a new pair of over-ear wireless noise-canceling apple headphones and they’re called AirPods max Review 2020

they cost 550 dollars and I got them right here now

I didn’t really know what to make of the name right off the bat I don’t think

I’m would have named them AirPods max Review 2020 personally but hey if you look at the rest of apple’s lineup

I guess all of their audio products have a pod in them there are ear pods air pods home pods so fine

either way, this is the box and it’s a pretty big box for a pair of headphones

but you can see we have this minty green color here today to get

into when you pop that top get into the top of the box the first thing you see is the headphones inside already inside the smart case

because they don’t fold they don’t pack down at all this is

how you travel with them this is how they ship in this case with the bands as a handle but we’ll get to that in a minute

I’m just gonna take them out of the case for the first time and the metal of the headphones is actually legit cold to the touch which is pretty sweet not gonna lie,

airpods max review 2020

I can get the paper off of the smart case so we can admire that too in all of its uh glory anyway not much else in the box you get a little bit of paperwork no apple stickers and there is one cable

but not the typical cable that comes with headphones no this is a USB type-c to

lightning cable there is no brick and this is purely for charging and there’s no audio cable included that’ll be another 35 bucks from

but yeah there you have the headphones pretty unique they look like those huge planar magnetic headphones from back in the day but like a modernized version of that design

I guess it’s kind of classic this green here probably isn’t the best-looking color

if I’m being real but that’s it we can get it back into the smart case slap that magnet

airpods max review 2020

shut and we’re off to the races so it turns out there is a lot of really interesting stuff with this particular pair of headphones

I mean you guys have seen headphones before I’ve reviewed them but there’s a lot that’s different a lot that’s unique

about these that you don’t really see very often and so while this isn’t my review
that’ll be coming up soon and definitely to be among the see that if you haven’t already

this is just gonna be my first impressions and the top five things you should know

about these new AirPods max review 2020 so number one the materials like

I said when I took it out of the box the metal was cold to the touch so these have a stainless steel flexible frame and the ear cups

I was touching are aluminum there are these shiny telescoping arms and ball head joints on the ear cups that let them

move around a little over 90 degrees overall there is no doubt

these are built very well there are no creaks no gaps anywhere

I mean even the little slide to expand the headphones is really satisfying because there’s a lot of resistance and

I think I actually like this more than the typical plastic clicks to expand but

really the materials aren’t actually as important as the overall comfort and these are going to sit on top of the head pretty nice

that mesh band at the top is basically designed to distribute the weight as evenly as possible across

your head and be kind of breathable and it is really soft which is awesome

But we’ll see about durability long term I think it’s probably worth it though because with

all this metal they are heavy headphones they come in at a hefty 386 grams compared to the much lighter 250 grams

of my sony xm4s but yeah I mean as far as just high-grade

headphones go aside from this one’s particular lack of sweat or water resistance

it just doesn’t get much better built than this that’s just facts, by the way, the color options same as the iPad air so black silver light blue pink,

and this sort of minty green all right number two the ear cups magnetic so they just

pop off pretty easily they do stay on really well in their sort of groove

when you’re wearing them and obviously most of the time they don’t just flop off but when you really do pull

them to take them off they come off and that’s actually really smart because most people should replace

the ear cups on their headphones every once in a while the metal part the outside that’s designed to last a long time

but the inside especially with softer materials and leathers you see that a lot people sort of outgrow the ear pad

and then just buy new headphones so this is a good idea now apple is very happy to sell you some new year

pads for sixty a set but i guess a nice bonus at least is that you can actually mix and match colors

if you want to would have been nice if you could customize your cushion color straight from the order page

and mac rumors even put together a little visual aid so you can see what the different color combos

look like but that’s just the most apple thing you’ve ever heard isn’t it buying 550$

headphones and having to spend an extra 70 dollars to change part of the color

but number three is the controls so there are no touch controls anywhere

on the sides of either of the earcups as there are with a lot of other wireless headphones instead they borrow

the digital crown from the apple watch plus there’s an extra noise cancellation button just to go on or off with transparency

or noise cancellation I might have preferred to see these buttons at the bottom of the ear cups for better

reachability but overall this is probably honestly better than a lot of the finicky touch controls

I like when there’s a physical control like on Microsoft’s headphones having that big dial spinning

that was sweet too so here on the apple headphones you can spin that digital crown for the volume

you can tap it in to answer calls or double-tap to go forward triple tap to go back etc

and also in ios 14.3 when you update there’s uh controls and support built in that let you reverse the scrolling direction for the crown in case

To buy airpods Max you need to buy from Apple’s official website

No other woo-commerce websites have come out yet. But I will come very soon

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